“JERRY CAN METAL SPOUT w/built in Metal Screen incl Gasket & Spout Cap” HEAVY DUTY Army Surplus Military USMC BLITZ Gallon Gas G Jerrycan Flexible Pouring Fuel Nozzle Brand NewCan not included


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Gas Can Not Included. Here’s what you get: “1 ( One ) Brand New 5gal Jerry Can Blitz Style Metal Flexible Spout w/ Metal Screen including Nitrile Gasket and Spout Cap” Fits ONLY Blitz or Military issue 5 Gallon GAS Metal Cans manufactured prior to or around 2009. Fits into 2 ¼ inch (2.25”) width threaded openings and measures approximately 13 1/2 (13.50″) inches Long. Brand New Heavy Duty SCREW IN THREAD TYPE Flexible Spout with a metal filter screen at the end, which might be considered a flame arrestor but it’s just a screen that helps to keep dirt and debris from entering your vehicle or equipment and machines fuel tanks. Fits unleaded GAS fuel tanks. Note: This spout will NOT fit the newer NATO Cans that were manufactured from around 2009 to the present. EPA regulations have made manufacturers change the size of their can and the diameter of the hole is slightly larger. Gas Can, Measuring Tape and Caliper are Not Included.

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